Configure your cron jobs directly in your app!

Cronfig is easy to embed into any administration. Don't spend time searching where the service lives and what your login credentials are.
It's right where you need it.

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As simple as possible

All you need to register is an email address to receive your API key. Your app will remember your API key for you. So all you have to do is to click the Login button.


Into your app

Configure your cron jobs directly within your app. And let your app predefine the tasks for you. You just click the Activate button.


Jobs and more

View detailed logs of your jobs, receive email notification if several in row fails. Cronfig will also let you know if your whole app is down. Or DNS or SSL expires.


Forever and ever

The free plan will be enough for most of the users. And it will never expire. There are also paid plans if you need more power.


By design

All communication between Cronfig and your app is happening with SSL encryption. The URL endpoints for triggering your tasks are protected by a long hash auto-generated by your app.


Everything explained

Follow the step by step guides, read all about Cronfig, submit changes or ask for help. Visit docs



Run essential tasks in 30 minute period

$ 0 /year

  • 3 parallel tasks
  • 30 minutes period
  • 1k characters per 1 log
  • 5 seconds timeout
  • Stops after 10 errors
Get Started

Run 10 tasks in 5 minute period

$ 49 /year

  • 10 parallel tasks
  • 5 minutes period
  • 5k characters per 1 log
  • 30 seconds timeout
  • Stops after 50 errors

Run 100 tasks in 1 minute period

$ 79 /year

  • 100 parallel tasks
  • 1 minute period
  • 10k characters per 1 log
  • 240 seconds timeout
  • Stops after 100 errors


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